Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jason Wu for Target

I realize that Carla, being the tech-savvy one that she is, prefers tumblr to our old literary stomping grounds of blogger.com. BUT I am a terrible nostalgic and have old woman tendencies, so I think that, like our dear departed Heath, I must accept that I just can't quit you blog.

Back to business.

I have to say, I absolutely love when fashion and affordability collide into the perfect sundress, or a pair of sunglasses that scream $400 but really say $15. The recent trend of high fashion designers allowing themselves to mingle with us ordinary folk is one that I am wholeheartedly behind. The latest visionary to follow suit where Versace and Vera have already gone before is Jason Wu, a red carpet fave who makes women feel like women with his creations. He has put together an amazing line for Target, which is available THIS SUNDAY, Feb. 5th. Mark it in those calenders ladies. And the best part?! Not a single item is over $59.99. View the entire lookbook here.

Here are a few snippets.

 Posted by: Kiran