Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fashion You Can Afford: Costa Blanca Spring/Summer 2011

Although I sometimes find myself perusing the Neiman Marcus website at 1am by cellphone light, or flipping through the pile of Marie Claire and Vogue magazines cluttering my coffee table, I do love to bring myself back down to earth by immersing myself in apparel I can actually afford to buy (without going homeless).

I love Costa Blanca. I cannot tell if the line made me decide that I want to be wearing light, dreamy floral dresses and faded denim jackets all summer, or if I knew that all along, and the brand happened to offer them. Either way, I found myself prancing around my local CB, trying not to buy anything (the whole Paris trip thing is turning into a bit of a money-suck), and lamenting "water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink." Not to worry though, I've been plotting a whole host of get-rich-quick schemes to keep the shopping habit alive. And, as I said, at least Costa Blanca is fashion I can afford. In theory.

What are your favourite affordable fashions?

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