Friday, September 9, 2011

Luca Luca | Spring/Summer 2012

Luca Luca's signature aesthetic has been its bold use of colour. Raul Melgoza, the label's creative director since 2008 has taken the line in new directions using more subdued tones, but his Spring/Summer 2012 collection shows a return to those bright colours of the Luca Orlandi days.

Bright colours along with beach or retro inspired looks have reined so far in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week shows, but Melgoza's line channels a more professional silhouette. He also largely rejects the patchwork and floral patterns we've seen elsewhere in favour of juxtaposing multiple bold colours on a single garment or outfit. This is something we've also seen from Prabal Gurung (notably in the pink pants/red blouse look that Sarah Jessica Parker has made famous, to mixed reviews.)

Melgoza's collection is, above all, aesthetically appealing and likely to pop up on many a street-style blog come spring. Some standouts:

Posted by: Carla 


  1. I loved Luca Luca as well... that last dress from your post was my favourite.

    jo from

  2. So beautiful right? Reminds me of Elie Saab only with daring blue instead of those pansy pastels (haha which I also enjoyed.)