Wednesday, April 24, 2013

comeback kid

As Kiran has already pointed out, this blog is in desperate need of a comeback
Kiran's been in the UK studying for her law degree
I've been seriously slacking with no such excuses (in fact, I probably blogged more WHEN I was studying for my masters. Alas.)

I think the serious drought can be attributed, partially, to the fact that I've since relocated to a town where couture is actually defined by how much a) Carhartt gear  and b) real-tree camo a person is wearing. Gross. It also doesn't help that in the past year I've become a fitness fanatic and can often be spotted wearing Reeboks and well-structured hoodies. Don't worry about me though--I'm ashamed enough for the both of us.

This morning, however,  I was perusing Glamour's online fashion and beauty blogs. It made me realize how much I really MISS picking up a new fashion magazine and poring over it. I've been cheating on newsprint with Pinterest. Still, in the vein of online fashion finds, today I discovered (and it probably isn't an amazing discovery, maybe everyone knew about this gem except ME), the ChicFeed app for my iPhone. With each swipe of the finger, I can see a new street style photo from different fashion blogs around the interwebs. I was pretty entertained while not actually doing real work while at work (time theft is pretty much my bread and butter.)

So, if you haven't already heard of ChicFeed, you can check out their site here, which gives links to some pretty swanky blogs (hello Sartorlist, I've loved you for so long.) You can also download the app and waste away hours and hours at work while getting paid to do nothing. Like I do.

So, it's good to be back, and hopefully Kiran and I can be good little bloggers and make something happen.

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