Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mark Fast Ready to (Rock!) Spring 2011

While the big names in fashion continue to shine in Paris and New York, Mark Fast seems to be the unlikely hero to come up swinging out of nowhere. His work is raucous, youthful, edgy and barely there (can anyone say Serena Van Der Woodsen?) Marie Claire and InStyle have both featured the designer’s dresses on recent covers, as have a slew of European publications. Not bad for a designer whose work has been hitting runways for less than 2 years. Although his work has, on occasion, received less than favorable reviews, the attention he’s received in the magazine world shows his knit-work and cutout designs (which we saw on nearly every runway in Spring 2010) are a sought after resource for a marketable cover. 

Fast is definitely a person not to be underestimated, but rather, to be paid attention to. He might end up a one-trick pony as I'm sure many expect, but I'm holding out hope for a new fashion heavy-hitter. 

Some of my picks from his Spring 2011 line: 

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