Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A new day at Dior: Fall Couture 2011

Bill Gaytten has recently attained the job "a million girls would kill for,"--he's been named the new creative director of Christian Dior, after John Galliano was ousted this spring. The problem with landing what is no doubt  Gaytten's dream job is that he will undoubtedly be compared to Galliano for a long time to come. This appointed did not arise out of nowhere, however. Gaytten and Galliano have worked together for over a decade, and this is evident in Gaytten's Fall Couture 2011collection.

Both Gaytten and Galliano have taken their cues from Dior's own "New Look" silhouette, branching back from Christian's first major collection in 1947. This hourglass silhouette reaffirmed Paris's position as the fashion capital of the world and has continued to make its mark on Dior collections to this day. 

Gaytten's line opens with this look, but he introduces mixed prints, textures and colours. The garments make heavy use of material, sculpted in deep reliefs. At the same time, other looks have a floaty, dreamlike aesthetic. There are bold geometric shapes (especially in the form of headwear) alongside soft pastels. There are elements of typical fall colours: warm corals, bright reds and other earth tones. However, we also see deep emeralds and those aforementioned pastels. Basically, this collection is all over the map in terms of colour and texture.

Not unlike a typical Galliano show, Gaytten's Couture 2011 has its own theatrics, closing with a number of movement-friendly gowns. This is what we expect from a Dior show, and it looks as though Gaytten, although perhaps lacking the creative genius of Galliano, will be able to pick up and carry the house with success. 

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