Thursday, July 21, 2011

SJP: It Woman

I feel weird calling Sarah Jessica Parker an It-Girl. She's the woman that It-Girls look up to. I feel as though, in many ways, she's the ultimate fashionista that we all look up to. I certainly have a photo of her on my wall. This is strange because every time I obsessively re-watch all six seasons (and 2 films) of Sex and the City "I can't help but wonder" why some of her outfits are so hideous.

But, really, the hottest feature of what people wear is how they wear it. You never see Carrie Bradshaw walking down the street without completely OWNING her outfit, and the same goes for SJP. Its neither woman's fault that in 1997, I was only ten years old and was probably wearing some truly atrocious concoctions. I thought my blue leopard petal pushers were fabulous.

It should also be mentioned that Parker covers the August issue of Vogue, her sixth cover with the magazine. I think this is a well deserved achievement for SJP, mother of amazing fashion and even better and fiercer attitude.

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