Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chanel Spring 2011 Couture

I recently learned that I will be spending 3 weeks in France/Belgium this summer. Since hearing this news, I have been constantly thinking of what I will be wearing. Since this trip is for an intensive 8-10+hours a day research/discussion of war and memory, I doubt I will have occasion to wear the fluttery skirts, ornate sandals and delicate florals I have been dreaming of.

However, what is interesting and indeed delightful about Karl Lagerfeld's latest couture collection is the seemingly effortless wearability of the pieces. The first garments are variations of the classic Chanel skirt suit, before transitioning into flowy, whimsical skirts and glittery tops. The use of sheer fabrics and light colours are reminiscent of Spring 2010 collections. Clearly the trend is far from over, but it is great to see spring collections of soft spring colours. Perfect for roaming the streets of Paris in June, impracticality and all.

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