Monday, January 24, 2011

Christian Dior-Couture Spring 2011

During the Second World War, the American government introduced a provision called L-85, which restricted garments to specific silhouettes. Hence, through the first half of the 1940s, fashions were often tube shaped (straight down, without flouncing outwards) or made of cheaper materials. This was to conserve materials for the war effort and to instil a sense of duty for people on the homefront. However, in 1946, after having experienced the Second World War in occupied France, Christian Dior founded his own fashion house. A year later, he designed a dress that celebrated the hourglass shape of women, with a cinched waist and full tea-length skirt. He put an end to the conservative fashions that represented conservative wartime duty.

With his Spring Couture 2011 line, John Galliano for Christian Dior channels the same hourglass silhouettes and the decadent lines of the late Dior himself. What Galliano has created is a line of beautifully saturated colours, wonderful feminine silhouettes and over-the-top elegance and artistry that we come to expect from a couture line.  This 1930s and 1940s inspired collection, in my opinion, includes some of the most beautiful creations I've come across in some time, if ever.

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