Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vivienne Westwood Menswear Fall 2011

Vivienne Westwood has said of her Menswear Fall 2011 line:

"When the lads who now model in our show came to the casting they looked so different from one another, different types different characters. Yet everyone of them as well as being clever and sweet seemed to be a perfect beauty. Our ‘MAN’ collection has plenty of choice. Do clothes bring out the personality? We just chose the clothes to suit them by intuition. They all look British, I can’t say why except to say it’s unavoidable – I’m British, that’s what happens. And because these lads are clever it happened that we style them as young intellectuals – student types. All ready for life + love + responsibility. With royal marriage in the air, who would you choose to be your bridegroom? Come on girls our catwalk is your chance to dream." 

While we often comment that womenswear is continually taking on masculine or even androgynous forms, the same can be said about Westwood's Menswear line. And why not? If fashion is art, why not push the boundaries both ways? Don't be surprised to see Westwood's offering of flamboyantly attired men with brightly coloured clothes and lipstick. Some of the prints are reminiscent of Prada's Spring 2010 womenswear, while others share the same saturated tones of Jil Sander's Menswear for 2011. Although the line offers such diverse pieces, it seems odd to call it a collection, what makes Westwood different is what brings these garments together. And it doesn't hurt that every guy I know would look great in a number of these looks or pieces. If clothes bring do indeed bring out personality, at least Westwood has nearly every personality in mind. 

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