Friday, January 7, 2011

This Week's It Girl: Alexa Chung

Fashion, much like everything else in the world, is ridiculously subjective. It is one of the few ways that people are able to outwardly express themselves without having to say a word. Many believe that clothing--and the way you dress--helps you define who you are. You are a GOTH. You are BOHEMIAN. You are a PREP. But I say why be defined in just one way, when fashion lets you change who you are daily? What if I wanted to be a GOTHPREPBOHO goddess all in one go?! I have that option; fashion allows me to do that. (sidenote: mixing these three categories could end with dangerously disgusting results)

We have fashionistas that prescribe to one specific style (Dita Von Teese, MKO circa 2004, etc), we have characters that decide to be, well, just that...characters (Gaga, Katy Perry, etc), and then we have the girls and boys that want to be anything and everything in between.

I don't believe that Alexa Chung is one of those girls. Her style is easily definable, but that doesn't make it any less gorgeous. Chung focuses on a few main staples: 1) a love of vintage 2) menswear inspired trousers, blouses, hats and shoes 3) oversized cardigans and blazers 4) minis and 5) hipster flair. (And yes, Alexa Chung is a hipster if I ever saw one. Unkempt hair, pale skin, and baggy shirts from Goodwill mixed with 500 dollar jeans). I've got to hand it to the girl though, she rocks it out well.

It's yet to be seen whether she's a Sienna Miller-esque fad waiting to happen or whether she'll be wowing us for seasons to come. I've got faith in her though. I mean, she DID get Mulberry to name a bag after her. (and a gorgeous one at that)

Here are some Alexa goodies:

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