Monday, March 7, 2011

Fashion You Can Afford: H&M

I had my very first trip to H&M this summer. I was on a roadtrip with my BFF, Kevin, and while we could think of very few fun roadtrip games, we agreed on the fact that we had to stop at the Coquitlam H&M. It was pretty much completely out of our way, we had no idea how to get back onto our route, and we ended up taking a ferry to Nanaimo instead of Victoria, our target destination.

In sum, Kevin and I are pretty big fans of H&M. He bought a lot of 15$ houndstooth print underpants. I bought a lot of ridiculously inexpensive (and still holding together just fine) accessories.

Today I discovered that the H&M website allows customers to build their own looks out of a variety of clothing options. You can find that application here. Trust me, I've spent about 2 hours on here coming up with 39 different looks, and I could have kept going through the night. This might be the most exciting thing that's happened to me since discovering that the (undisclosed) town I've moved to since this summer's road trip actually HAS an H&M. Sadly, I spent all my money on grad school, SO, online window shopping without having to bother with a real fitting room has been a delight for me.

But since I've titled this under Fashion You Can Afford, a point of reference to remember is that the cost of all the 12 looks below is probably still less than 1 of the pieces we normally feature. Exciting!

Below are some of my homemade looks. I realized that sometimes I think the model looks best just in her underpants. Sometimes I think people should be barefoot. This is only a small-ish portion of what I came up with, (It was really, really hard not to just post all 39 and counting outfits.) Perhaps more to come when the site is updated with new clothes?? A girl can dream. Click on the slides for a larger view.

My Spring/Summer 2011 Line:

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