Monday, March 28, 2011

It-Girl: Miss Kelly-O

I'm totally loving Kelly Osbourne these days. Alleged tax evasion aside, girlfriend has completely turned her life, and her look around. Kelly's gone through exposing her entire life on TV, attempting a music career, coming in third on Dancing With the Stars, starting and ending a pretty serious relationship, and most recently, she's become the face of Madonna's Material Girl line, and filmed a movie.

Did I mention that she also went through an incredible weight loss, gave up drugs and alcohol, and became a total fashionista? It is these last few changes that impress me most. Although I believe curvier girls can be super hot (helllloo Adele), it's great that Kelly seems to have become more confident, stylish, and above all, so darn happy.

Seriously, her smile is infectious. I love this girl. I love her clothes. People who are famous for having famous parents are not usually my favourite, but I can't help but root for Kelly. I hope she gets everything she wants. Especially if that includes even more fabulous ensembles for me to drool over.

Posted by: Carla

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