Thursday, March 3, 2011

Zac Posen Fall 2011 RTW

Zac Posen has had quite the decade. He became a fashion heavy hitter about ten years ago, and now he's become a major name. On top of being lauded by people like Naomi Campbell, Posen also has the cred to design a line for Target that has fabulous fashionistas like our very own Kiran pledging to camp out on Seattle sidewalks just to get at it. Did I mention Posen is only 30 years old?

Posen's Fall 2011 breaks away from traditional warm fall tones and explores greens, turquoises, metallics and this (and every other) Fall season's mainstay: black. What is most interesting about most of these silhouettes is that they seem to intend to add curves to the models' already tiny frames. Indeed, it seems almost like an homage to the classic hourglass figure. Just a pro-tip for Posen, maybe hire a few more Christal Renns and a few less Coco Rochas to bring this image full circle. Just sayin'.

Some favorites:

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