Friday, March 11, 2011

Next Stop, Vegas Please

My fellow blogger, Kiran, is jetting off to Vegas soon. Although she is a super fashionista with probably the best style of anyone I know, I felt it would be fun to blog about my fashion recommendations for such a trip. As Kiran rightly states "Vegas fashion is god-awful. Shiny, pleathery and tacky tacky tacky." She obviously doesn't want to end up looking like Charlotte in Atlantic City...(pink, sequinned, low cut and purchased from the gift shop.....eeww)

Thus, my recommendation for Kiran is to incorporate the excessive fashion that is Las Vegas into accents and accessories. Since no one should wear too much sparkle, I think she should try it on a bag, on some shoes, as embellishment on jackets or skirts. When wearing something glittery it should be matched with something super classy to keep the look together. Considering Kiran is a super classy gal, it shouldn't be a problem.

Match a super fierce embellished jacket with dark skinny jeans and some bad-ass heels. 

Allow a flashy bag to be the only glittery accent. The bag can be Vegas, while the rest of the outfit will be pure K-Sang. 

Rock a tight, embellished bandage dress. 

Match a baggy, white or neutral colour top with a tight, high waisted sequinned skirt. Pair it with some bright patent pumps. 

Rock a fairly neutral, yet classy outfit, like a white top tucked into a pair of skinnies with a belt, and bust out a pair of of glittery pumps. 

Posted by: Carla


  1. Good, then you're already part of the way there. I'm super stoked to see what you come up with, my most fabulous friend.