Sunday, March 6, 2011

It Girl: Ginnifer Goodwin

I have adored Ginnifer Goodwin since 2003, when I became one of 7 people who actually enjoyed Mona Lisa Smile. She has also been seen in He's Just Not That Into You  and HBO's Big Love. More importantly, this girl has the ability to look fierce at all times, while appearing very little on tabloid covers for drugs and thievery (ahem, Lindsay.) This is all not to mention the fact that girlfriend rocks the pixie cut, and sifting through some of photos of my favorite looks of Ginnifer, its all I can do not to run to the mall and get the same short 'do. (Note, it would not be the first time this girl has influenced by hair choices. It probably will not be the last.)

Ginnifer is probably not a style or hair icon to many, other than me, but I think she shows a ton of potential and I hope to see her go far. (Mostly because this would mean that I'd see her in magazines much more, and would have more opportunities to steal her look.)

Coz seriously, Ginnifer is smokin':

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