Saturday, March 12, 2011

It Was An Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny...

In the (undisclosed) location from which I'm currently blogging, there has been a discernible weather pattern: it snows, and then the snow melts into rain, and I get to see the grass again. Then, overnight, we receive half a foot of snow again. It's been pulling this crap for about a month, and to compensate it, I've been searching out my favourite spring items.

To celebrate the fact that summer (technically) HAS to come sometime, these are some bathing suits that I think are prrrretty cool:

 First of all, bikini pieces are pretty much begging to mixed and matched. Be creative! 

I'm pretty obsessed with ruffles. They're so adorable and classic, and if you're lacking in the chest or derriere region, they add a little extra.

Another trend that's been pretty huge lately is the super sexified one-piece, which I'm pretty enthusiastic about. 

As far as bathing suits go, however, nothing really beats the classic 1940's look. 

What's really cool though, when you're out in the sun, is rocking a fabulous maxi-dress. If you feel a little exposed in a bathing suit, there is certainly nothing wrong with covering up in a great flowy dress.

Finally, my pro-tip for all of my fashionably-delicious readers: the leather-face look is never, and will never be in style (Sorry Donatella...) So, you heard it here first: wear your sunblock! If you want a tan, do it the old-fashioned chemical way, and remember that melanoma is never sexy.

Also, I know the straw fedora has been hanging around since about 2008, but Neiman's is still selling them, I'm still in love with them, and I will still be rocking one this summer.

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